Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun messy-me, or craptastic messy-me?

So I learned something new today.  Which shouldn't be shocking, since I'm supposed to learn something new everyday, right?

But what did I learn?  I learned that it takes a lot of organization and planning to have a fun-messy life, rather than a craptastic-messy life.  Which seems antithetical, I know, but really makes a lot of sense.  Here's the thing: when you are organized there is more room for enjoyment and spontaneity, so the messes of life are fun rather than chaotic.

We had pictures taken today.  And by we I mean the kids, not me, because anyone who is a mom can attest to the fact that they have been assimilated by the borg that is motherhood.  There is no Me, there is Us.  There is no I, there is We.  So we had pictures today.  And I have known that we were having these pictures for the last week and a half, but did I do anything, anything at all to get ready?  No.  No, I kept thinking "Maybe I should go buy the outfits today, so we are ready on Sunday."

But did I?


Today found me running around like a fool, trying to find outfits that coordinated well so it didn't look like my kids had been dressed by a color blind half wit.  Also, trying to find shoes to go with the lovely, well coordinated outfits.  And the whole thing culminated with me throwing several changes of clothing and multiple pairs of shoes in the car, just in case, while dragging a comb through a screaming Noodle's hair and yelling at the top of my lungs at my husband that he most certainly had never tried to get the kids somewhere on time otherwise he would have taken my request to get home sooner seriously.

I apparently left things a little too last minute.  And I have some apologies I need to make.
But when I look back at my life as a parent (actually it when I look back at my life in general, but we don't have to go there), I see that this is how I always roll.  I am the queen of procrastination.  In high school I said that it made me better, because I did well when the pressure was on.  Turns out that in real life I do a pretty crappy job when the pressure is on.  Which is why I need a system.  Or at least a calender, so I can keep track of my crap and not simultaneously destroy my marriage while ripping my child's hair out at the roots.

So, tomorrow, calender.  And maybe a marriage counselor.  And quite possibly therapy for my kids.

But definitely a calender.


  1. This was me on the 17th. We were taking pictures friday. I had known since May when I made the appt. Did i plan? No. Was I scrambling last minute? Yes. But it all worked out. as i am sure it did for you too!

  2. Absolutely, Anita. There's no picture session that therapy can't fix! :-) And just for the record, the pics from that photo session were amazing. Yours, I mean. Well, mine too, but I was talking about yours! :-) You guys looked like you were having so much fun. I love them!

  3. I just found your blog and I can relate to you a lot. I wonder if I'll ever get my act together in all aspects.

  4. Amy, that just made me laugh! Heartily! Because I feel like that pretty much every day of my life. *sigh* But we just keep trying... I'm glad you found your way here. I hope you'll stick around. We can fly by the seats of our pants together. :-)