Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer creativity for not so creative moms... like me.

It's that time again.  School is out.  Our days are now comprised of the kids staring at me with that expectant look, waiting for me to come up with something fun and exciting for them to do.

All.  Day.  Long.

These are the times I wish I was one of those super creative moms.  The ones that have oodles of craft ideas up their sleeve, ready for the first sign of boredom.  But I'm not.  I'm so, so not that mom.  I'm great at taking the kids to the various parks and fun places around town that we have passes to, but when it comes to coming up with fun things to do at home, I just seem to draw a blank.  That is why when I ran across The Confident Mom and her awesome Summer Survival Calendar, you had best believe that I snatched it up.

This three month calendar has an activity to do every single day.  Did you catch that? EVERY DAY!  I love it.  She has done all the research, and linked to a bajillion different sites all with fun crafts and activities.  It's the perfect jump start my summer days needed.  Now when my poor children turn their expectant eyes my way I can whip that puppy out and pick an activity.  And they will have fun... whether they like it or not!

And in exchange they can think I am the best, most creative mom ever. And I am just going to let them keep thinking that.

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