Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tangled Review... OR.. How To Ruin Your Child On Movies Forever

Yup, this is another catching up post.  Enjoy!

Just going off that title, you might think that we didn't like "Tangled", but you would be mistaken.  It was great.  The story of getting to see the movie is another story.

I took Noodle to see "Tangled" last week, which you might think is a pretty straightforward task.  But maybe not so much for our messy family.  Because, you see, this was Noodle's first experience with a movie theater (which she insists on calling a movie the-A-ter.  Proper, isn't she?)

Good mom that I am, I found a nice late morning showing, got us there with a little time to spare so we could pee (priorities, people) and get situated before the lights went down.  All was fine until I got to the ticket window and the attendant informed me that this particular showing was in 3-D.  Which might have been not only fine but a bonus for another kid, but maybe not so much for Noodle.

Because by the time I wrangled her past the snack counter, into the bathroom, washed the hands, out of the bathroom, past the snack counter one more time, stop to stare in wonder at the gigantic cardboard thingy of Rapunzel and her prince, and into the the-A-ter, it was dark, the previews had started and it was LOUD.

No worries.  I carried her to a seat reasonably far up, got us into actual chairs and got our glasses unwrapped.  Well, got her glasses unwrapped and actually on her, and proceeded to start to unwrap my own glasses.  Had I been paying closer attention I might have noticed poor Noodle ducking and weaving as things came flying off the screen at her.  But I didn't.

Had I noticed that, I might not have been quite so surprised when she screeched "Mommy, the the-A-ter is on FIRE!"

Jamming my own glasses on my face I realized what she was seeing was a campfire that appeared to be in the room rather than on the screen.

Maybe I should have explained a little better, huh?

So, off with the glasses, gather up the popcorn and snacks, pick up a screeching Noodle and make my way back down the stairs and into the lobby.  I tried to explain several times, but there was no going back into a burning the-A-ter for Noodle.  Return glasses, get money back and head home.

We decided to try again in a day or two with a 2-D version of the movie, and I am happy to report that that showing went quite well.  After an initial nervous moment when the lights went out and the loud previews started, I was able to drag her onto my lap and explain that we really couldn't leave again and that she just needed to give it a moment to get used to it and she was going to LOVE it.  Whether she liked it or not.

And she did.  Like it, I mean.

Now, as for the movie itself.  As I said before, it was great.  This might be a good time to inform you that I am a Disney geek.  I've seen them all.  Well, most of them, anyway.  Especially most of them with a princess and a true love type story mixed in there because I am a sucker for a true love story.  And I can sing all the songs.  With or without the actual music going at the time.  I know them that well.  Let's not tell anyone about this, k?

With all the Toy Story and Cars and Monsters, Inc and Wall-E and Shrek going around these days, it's been awhile since I've gotten a good dose of Disney Princess/True Love mojo going.  I missed out on "The Princess and the Frog" because Noodle was too young to sit still long enough in the the-A-ter, and I haven't managed to get it on DVD yet (I don't do blue-ray, yet.  Behind the times, I know), so I was pretty excited to think that my reason for having kids in the first place was finally going to start paying off.  Because anyone that tells you that they didn't have kids so they could have a reason to go see kid movies is lying.  To you and to themselves.

And you know what?  It didn't disappoint.  It was classic Disney.  Fun songs, huge eyes, and true love abounds in this one (seriously, they almost went a little overboard on the eyes, they were that big.  And I like big eyes on my Disney princesses.).  There was action, laughter, tears, and a satisfying ending that no self respecting feminist will like, but that I loved because I am not one.  So I went away a happy camper.

Oh, and Noodle liked it too.  She might even tackle 3-D next time.  Maybe.  Stay tuned.

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