Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friendship and Moving

You know those friends that you can not see for months, years even, and still pick up right where you left off?  No judgment, no guilt, just good times rolling? 

Ummm, yeah, can we be those type of friends?  Because as you can see, I have a bit of a habit of falling off the radar.  And while I'll try not to do that, I make no promises.

And here we are.  It's been a bit, yes?  So, how are you doing?

Me?  Oh, well, all is fine here.  And by fine I mean we're moving.  And my dog has cancer.  Again.  But, really, we're fine.

It's actually been really crazy around this joint for the last few weeks.  As I mentioned, we are moving, and to make that a reality we had to take a little trip to find a home.  Because giving the movers an address to take your stuff to is important.  At least that's what they tell me.  So we took a little vacation/house hunting trip to our old neighborhood (in a whole different state, even) to find ourselves a house.

Now, let me tell you that the last time we moved to this particular town (they call it a city, but trust me when I say it's a town), there were plenty of rentals to choose from, and we found a house, packed and moved in a week and a half.  No biggie.  So I pretty much just assumed we would roll in, see a bunch of homes for rent, choose one and move.  Easy peasy.

Not quite how it happened.  Turns out the rental market is quite a bit tighter than when we were there last.  So we came home with nothing.  Zip.  Zero.  Big, fat goose egg.  Nada.  And wouldn't you know it, three new houses hit the rental market the day after we left.  Natch.   But we got one of them, thanks to my wonderful friend who went and saw them for me and made very sure we got the bestest one.  *Sigh*

So, in other news, Noodle lost her first tooth.  There will be a whole post dedicated to that one, complete with pictures and musings on how  I  she could have possibly gotten this old this fast, but we'll go ahead and save that for another day.  Like tomorrow.

And also, Nugget turned two.  Very cute, but yet another reminder that time waits for no one.  Not even cute little mini men that look suspiciously Pillsbury Doughboy-ish.  Or their moms.  Post coming on that one, too!

So, stay tuned for the adventures of Noodles & Nuggets On The Move. 

And what have you been up to in the last few weeks?

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