Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Reno That Wouldn't Die

**Disclaimer**  I wrote this post a LONG time ago, but put off actually posting it.  Couldn't tell you why.  So we are actually much further along in the process now (as in, we've moved it!), but for the sake of the timeline, I figured you should see this.


Wow.  Turns out that building a house with two kids and a husband that works from home doesn't leave much in the way of blogging time.  But, since we're here, who's up for an update via poor mobile phone camera pics?  Oh good.  Me too.

So, remember the last time I showed a pic of the inside it looked like this?

Well, since then it's gotten significantly scarier (and coincidentally, deadlier).  There is junk EVERYWHERE.  Cords, wood, trash, scaffolding, paint buckets, saws (my lord, the saws!  All manner of saws.  Saws to cut anything you could ever want to cut.), assorted power tools, tile, wood flooring (not glued down yet), other wood flooring (completely glued, and hopefully straight), baseboard makings, and dust.  Enough dust to compress and make a whole second home.  Just massive amounts of dust.  And it has, at any moment in this process looked like some version of this:

But out of all the chaos, a house is forming.  We have a most gorgeous master shower that looks like this:

And some beautiful cabinets that will one day make a kitchen:

And slowly, and back breakingly, a wood floor is taking shape:

Oh, and a most awesome handrail for the stairs to keep Noodle and Nugget from plunging into the abyss below (providing we can keep them from climbing it like a ladder):

We also have appliances.  New, shiny appliances that you will someday see.

And when we actually get them in the kitchen, I will take pics then too.  So you can see what they really look like.

So there you have it.  The renovation marches onward.  In a relatively near future post (wouldn't want to commit too heartily) I will tell you about my adventures in plumbing hardware installation.  One word: Humbling.

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