Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yes, I was supposed to update you throughout the process.

Yes, I started all manner of posts to let you know how the house was coming but always put off posting them so I could get a better picture.  Or sometimes, just so I could get A picture.

And yes, I feel sort of bad that I've left you in the dark for all this time, wondering how it was going (humor me).  But finally, I am pleased to report...


Remember this?

It now looks like this:

Except with furniture.  And without that icky vacuum sitting in the middle of it.

It's beautiful.  And I promise to take some more pics so you can see the beauty for yourself.  But I wanted to let you know what the heck was happening, and get back into my blogging habit before my fingers forgot how to type.

Oh, and the budget?  Yeah, that got kicked into a dark hole, never to be seen or heard from again.  And I am trying to be okay with that, especially since we just had an appraisal and we're up in value more than $135K over what we paid and put into it.  So there's that.

In other news:  Noodle finished Kindergarten, and sent me into hyperventilation mode when I realized she is ONE THIRD of the way to age 18!  I've since stopped sobbing and mopped up my mascara, but it was touch and go there for a bit, let me tell you!

Also, I'm going to learn how to can things.  Edible things.  In jars.  Stop laughing.  It's happening.  More on that later.

Oh, and this is my evening view now.

Seriously.  That's my view.  Guess that doesn't hurt either.

So I'm moved!  And I'm back on my blog, instead of gluing my fingers to the floor and the like.  *Sigh* It's good to be back...


  1. LOVE your site! And your new house is gorgeous! Love your writing style, too!

  2. Thanks Jaima! You just made my day! :-)