Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Name TBD

You know those trips where you go to the store with the intention of buying one thing, and come out with something completely different that you never meant to buy in the first place?  Like when you go to Target for dish soap, but come out with the whole new Olay line of skin care?  Or go to Costco for diapers, but come out with, um, everything?  In bulk?

Well yesterday was just like that.  Except the store was Petco.

(Can you see where this is headed?)

And we didn't really go in for anything specific, on account of we have no pets.  But the store just opened, and that is a big deal in this little mountain town.  So we felt obligated to go in and check it out.

And came out with a cat.

And all manner of cat paraphernalia. 

And while you might think that Noodle and Nugget were the instigating factors here, you would be wrong.  It was Mr. T all the way.


When I was Noodle's age, we went into the local pet store for a fish tank filter and came out with a cat.  This was eerily similar to that.

Deja vu all over again.

**End Sidenote**

This cat came from the store with the name Moon.  That is never going to work.  So we are searching for a new name.

And also a fur picker upper.

But here he is, and I have to say, he is awesome!  He doesn't run and hide every time someone looks like they might be thinking about looking in his direction, or need massive amounts of time to adjust to us, his new family.  And he's gray.  Just like most of our house.  He just fits right in.

I know, it doesn't look like most of my house is gray, but it is.  You'll see.

So, now there is Noodle, Nugget, and, um, Moon.  Or whatever his name ends up being. 

Because I can pretty much guarantee that it isn't going to be Moon.

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