Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And Introducing...

Wanna see what we did this weekend?  Good, because I'm going to show you!

Pardon the slightly blurry picture, but I'm pretty sure that getting any 6 month old pup to pose for pics is an exercise in futility. 

Want to see another?  Me too!

I know!  How can you stand it??  That face!

So, this is Twister.  We adopted him from a shelter over the weekend, and I have to tell you that he is AWESOME!  Especially awesome if you ignore that tennis ball he is chewing in the above pic.  We're going all Cesar Style with this pup, and you can find us at any given moment practicing our calm and assertive demeanor.  And I am telling you, IT WORKS!

Oh, you're following that, right?  Cesar Style?  Dog Whisperer?  A. MA. ZING.

Our last dog, Scout, didn't know Cesar.  She pretty much was certain that she ruled the roost from the time she was a puppy until the very end.  Granted she was also pretty sure she was still a puppy up to the very end, so there's that.  But Cesar advocates having a pack mentality with your dog, letting him/her know where she falls in the hierarchy of things here in this house, and we have been working on that since Twister made his appearance here.

So Twister is already well schooled in who is the leader of this pack.  Me.  I am.  And he knows it.  Then Mr. T, then the kids and the cat, and then, way down at the bottom of the totem pole, maybe even in the dirt that houses the totem pole, is Twister.  And he seems to be pretty happy with that arrangement.  He knows his place and, thus, there is no drama with the kids, or with the cat.

Noodle has an uncanny knack, for naming things, and the night before we brought this sweetie home, she comes out with a list of about fifteen names.  There was Lightning.  There was Biscuit.  And Breeze.  And Big.  And Thunder. 

And Twister.


So, since we are becoming an all natural household, that extends to our pets, and so I have all manner of recipes for food and treats to start trying.  So you'll excuse me if this blog becomes a tiny bit puppy centric for the next few weeks. 

We're trying chicken jerky chews tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


  1. What a great addition to the family, congratulations. He is adorable.

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