Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Green Spring Clean

If I told you that I had found one product that could replace my counter spray, my sink cleaner, my floor cleaner, my degreaser for my stovetop, my window and mirror cleaner and more, would you believe me?  How about if I told you that one bottle can last for well over a year, and that it costs pennies compared to other cleaners?  Okay then, as a kicker I will throw in the fact that it is completely green, non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for your whole house, kids, pets and all.

Oh, and it really works.  Works well!

Remember that I was slowly working my way through that Shaklee order that I had gotten?  Remember my experience cleaning my oven?  I completely fell in love with Shaklee's Scour Off that night.  And then I found another product in their arsenal that, if not being even better than the Scour Off, at least matches it as my favorite product.  It's called Basic H, and I love it!

Admittedly, I am easily impressed.

But seriously, this stuff is fantastic!  One bottle of Basic H is so concentrated that it makes 48 GALLONS of nontoxic, biodegradable, completely natural All Purpose Cleaner!  Do you know what I would have to spend to get 48 gallons of Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner?  Over $950.00, that's how much!  But I get my 48 gallons of Shaklee All Purpose Cleaner in a 16 oz bottle that only costs me $10.35.  I just mix it in a spray bottle, 1/4 teaspoon of Basic H with 16 oz of water, and I'm good to go.  Or if I need a little extra oomph in my cleaning, for the stovetop or microwave or sticky messes, I mix 1 1/2 teaspoons Basic H with my 16 oz of water for a bottle of degreaser.  And the stuff works!

Just look at the job it did on my grungy microwave after I had a small explosion in there.  Here is what I was working with:

When you finish cringing come back to me.  It gets better, I promise.

I just spray on some of my degreaser formula,

 Action Shot!

give it a quick swipe, and holy smokes, look at what I am left with:

A thing of beauty, that's what.  Maybe ignore my paper towel lint that is left over.  It was shortly after this shot that I learned to use microfiber.

But here is another example.  Remember when Nugget was kind enough to decorate the couch with a red sharpie?  I read that Basic H was great for getting that kind of thing out too, so I went for it.  What kind of grown person marks up her couch cushions with Sharpie to test her new cleaners?  Me.  I do that.  See?

Yup, fully grown woman, writing on her couch.  It was just a small mark...

Anyway, I sprayed some of my Basic H on there.  Really saturated it, and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  Then I blotted.  Then I blotted some more.  And I got this:

Not too shabby.  I let it dry and the end result was this:

Pretty amazing for one pass with the stuff!  I am going to do it one more time to get out that lingering purple cast.  I'll keep you posted.

And floors!  My poor wood floors see all manner of junk on them.  Dust, mud, grass, drippy kid snacks, crumbly everyone snacks, kid feet, dog feet, cat feet, dog food, cat food, and fur of all kinds and descriptions.  And more, I'm sure, but we're just going to stop there.  I used to use my Swiffer Wet Jet on them, but it was just too streaky.  And smelly.  So I switched to Bona, and it was fine, but expensive!  And these floors need to be cleaned easily a couple times a week, if not more.

You see where I am going with this, right?

Take a look at this picture of my entry floor.  Ignore all the junk around.

See the grossness?  Need a close up?  Here you go:

Look at all those little paw prints!  And slobber marks!  Ewww.  Let's move on!

Here is the after:

Phew!  No streaks.  No smell.  Just clean.  Natural, nontoxic clean.  Love it.

Here are some before and afters of other parts of my floor.  Don't judge!

Dining room:



And the area where the cat eats.  Which is gross.  Just warning.



And it's just a matter of spray and mop up with a microfiber pad.  Seriously, all of these floors took me less than five minutes.  Love that!  Now when my kids insist on eating that piece of whatever that they dropped on the floor, I don't cringe thinking of the leftover chemically junk they are putting in their mouths.  

This stuff really is great.  I can do windows with it.  I can clean stainless with it.  I can clean my granite counters with it.  Actually, I can clean pretty much anything with it.  And I plan to!

Do you have a cleaner that you love?  Or do you use Shaklee and have a favorite product from them?  Let's hear it!

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