Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sock Dryer Balls With Essential Oils

Want something to do with your socks once they get a hole in them and are of no use to you anymore?  Try this:

Take a pair of socks with holes:

Why, yes, it does look like they are different sizes.  I don't know if that is because they are different sizes, or because they are stretched from being rolled.  Keep reading.  You'll understand what I mean.

Take some essential oils of your choice.  I use Lemon and Lavendar.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I use Wild Orange all by it's little self.  And sometimes I use Lime.  Because I love lime and pretty much use it for everything.  And sometimes I use Citrus Bliss, because it has all the scents I love and smells a little bit like the recovery drink that I have after I work out.  When I work out, because it's pretty hit and miss, and my recovery drink is all that gets me through my workout.  Because it is so, so yummy.  In fact, let's use Citrus Bliss for our purposes today, wanna?  Because I do.

Now, put several drops of essential oil on your first sock.

Drop it right around where the ball of your foot would be.  How many drops?  How much do you want your laundry to smell?  Because if you want the scent to stick with your laundry, you need to put a pretty good amount on there.  I am happy just having my dryer smell amazing every time I open the door so I just use about 10 drops or so.

Now roll the sock up from the toes to the top, as tight as you can (you want it to be dense)...

...and fold the top of the sock over the roll to hold it in place.

Now take the second sock and put several more drops of essential oil on the ball of the foot of that sock.

Place the rolled up sock on the toe of the flat sock...

...and roll it all up, just like you did with the first sock...

...and fold the top of the sock over the whole roll to hold it in place.

Voila!  There you have your new sock dryer ball.  If the socks were big enough, you should have a little heavyish bundle that can bounce around in your laundry and help your clothes (or anything else you are drying) both dry faster and smell better.  Do this with a few pairs of socks and you have a little army of dryer efficiency.

Hooray for no more thrown away socks!

What essential oils would you like your dryer/laundry room to smell like?


  1. Really good idea! I have been looking at making wool dryer balls but honestly its too much work. This uses up my old socks and my clothes could smell like whatever I want! I am so trying this, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I tried making wool dryer balls too, but they didn't felt properly, then two of them unwound in the dryer, covering all my clothes in wool fuzzies. It was funny, once I could stop picking wool off my clothing. *sigh* Enjoy your yummy smelling laundry, and thanks for stopping by Noodles & Nuggets!

  3. Oh Jen, Thank you so much, I love this! I remember the day I was at your house and you showed me those wool dryer balls, REALLY?? You spent time making those. You are amazing for making those wool dryer balls!!! I would have never made them, way too much work. Thank you for sharing something I can do!!! I am trying this tomorrow and thank you so much for sharing!

  4. :-) Kollette, you are so welcome! I had no idea you would be so excited about these or I would have told you about them A LOT sooner! Glad you like the idea!

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    I would not have guessed :)

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  10. Very interesting!
    I just got rid of my hobbies old socks! Guess I'll have to wait for another to try this out.